iPhone Screen Repair Coeur d’Alene

Device Rehab is the Certified Shop in Town for your iPhone Screen Repair Needs.

With over 44% of every smart phone in public being an iPhone, you can guarantee there is a fair share of Cracked iPhone screens at any given moment walking around Coeur d’Alene, or the World for that matter.

At Device Rehab, we offer you a Professional, Quick, Local service for your iPhone Cracked Screen Repairs.  We have seen everything from the Light Crack, to full on shattered screens falling off of the phone.

Most Common Repair Requests are the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6.  Surprisingly, there are not a lot of cracked screens on the 6 Plus, but that is typically due to people having a fairly protective case on it.

Here are a few Examples of Cracked Screens we have Fixed in our Coeur d’Alene Shop.

iPhone 5C Cracked Screen Repair CDA
iPhone 5 Screen Cracked Screen in CDA
iPhone 6 Cracked Screen Repair CDA
iPhone 6 Cracked Screen Repair. These are in Great Shape compared to most iPhone 6 screens we see that are damaged.
iPhone 4 Cracked Screen Repair CDA
iPhone 4 Cracked Screen Repair Requests are still very busy in CDA
iPhone 5s Screen Repair CDA
iPhone 5s Cracked Screen Repair in CDA. These screens are not that bad. We have seen a lot worse come through our doors.


As you can see, we see a lot of cracked screens.  Ranging from light cracks to shattered screens.  Don’t worry if your LCD has Lines or is completely Black after a drop.  It is fixable.

Since we Import our Parts and they are OEM Quality, we only complete our repairs in the correct way.  We do not attempt to remove your old Glass off your Phone along with scraping all the GLUE off the LCD like some places do to make a larger profit.  We replace your Entire Front Assembly as the Factory Builds its.  After your Repair is Completed on your iPhone, you have an entirely New Glass, Digitizer (what makes your touch screen work), LCD, and Assembly Frame).

At Device Rehab in CDA, you do not need an Appointment for your iPhone Screen Replacement.  Simply come in, and get it fixed within 25-45 Minutes depending on the extent of damage and if there is any frame repair needed.  During the installation of your new screen, we also complete our Complimentary Electronics Cleaning to your Phone.  This removes any particles, glass, dust, or other debris that may have worked its way into your phone after the screen damage.  This is achieved in a Static Free, Dust Free, Clean Room environment.

Bring your iPhone into Device Rehab Monday – Saturday for your iPhone Screen Repair in CDA.