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Device Rehab is an Authorized PagePlus Dealer - Carrying the Area's Best Prepaid Plans working on the Nations Largest Network and the Best Network for Coeur d'Alene, Spokane and Beyond into the Rural Areas as well.


Review our no contract prepaid plans and compare our rates. We’re sure you will find that Page Plus is the best value nationwide.

Switching is Easy and Page Plus has Great Features for North Idaho and Spokane Customers.

If you are Looking for No Contracts, Bring Your Own Phone, Best Service even in the Rural Areas, PagePlus should be your First Choice.  PagePlus in Coeur d'Alene, Spokane, Sandpoint, and Surrounding areas is by far the Most Requested Prepaid Service Provider in the area.



Monthly Rate







1500 Includes $10 International** Calling Credit
Unlimited National and International
1 GB Data up to 4G LTE†
Unlimited Includes $10 International** Calling Credit
Unlimited National and International
First 3 GB Data up to 4G LTE†,then 2G*
Unlimited Includes $10 International** Calling Credit
Unlimited National and International
First 5 GB Data up to 4G LTE†,then 2G*
Unlimited Includes $10 International** Calling Credit
Unlimited National and International
First 7 GB Data up to 4G LTE†,then 2G*

Device Rehab is the Certified Shop in Town for your iPhone Screen Repair Needs.

With over 44% of every smart phone in public being an iPhone, you can guarantee there is a fair share of Cracked iPhone screens at any given moment walking around Coeur d’Alene, or the World for that matter.

At Device Rehab, we offer you a Professional, Quick, Local service for your iPhone Cracked Screen Repairs.  We have seen everything from the Light Crack, to full on shattered screens falling off of the phone.

Most Common Repair Requests are the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6.  Surprisingly, there are not a lot of cracked screens on the 6 Plus, but that is typically due to people having a fairly protective case on it.

Here are a few Examples of Cracked Screens we have Fixed in our Coeur d’Alene Shop.

iPhone 5C Cracked Screen Repair CDA
iPhone 5 Screen Cracked Screen in CDA
iPhone 6 Cracked Screen Repair CDA
iPhone 6 Cracked Screen Repair. These are in Great Shape compared to most iPhone 6 screens we see that are damaged.
iPhone 4 Cracked Screen Repair CDA
iPhone 4 Cracked Screen Repair Requests are still very busy in CDA
iPhone 5s Screen Repair CDA
iPhone 5s Cracked Screen Repair in CDA. These screens are not that bad. We have seen a lot worse come through our doors.


As you can see, we see a lot of cracked screens.  Ranging from light cracks to shattered screens.  Don’t worry if your LCD has Lines or is completely Black after a drop.  It is fixable.

Since we Import our Parts and they are OEM Quality, we only complete our repairs in the correct way.  We do not attempt to remove your old Glass off your Phone along with scraping all the GLUE off the LCD like some places do to make a larger profit.  We replace your Entire Front Assembly as the Factory Builds its.  After your Repair is Completed on your iPhone, you have an entirely New Glass, Digitizer (what makes your touch screen work), LCD, and Assembly Frame).

At Device Rehab in CDA, you do not need an Appointment for your iPhone Screen Replacement.  Simply come in, and get it fixed within 25-45 Minutes depending on the extent of damage and if there is any frame repair needed.  During the installation of your new screen, we also complete our Complimentary Electronics Cleaning to your Phone.  This removes any particles, glass, dust, or other debris that may have worked its way into your phone after the screen damage.  This is achieved in a Static Free, Dust Free, Clean Room environment.

Bring your iPhone into Device Rehab Monday – Saturday for your iPhone Screen Repair in CDA.

Cell phones falling into water are comically common and disturbing at the same time.  Living in an Area such as Coeur d’Alene Idaho with the many lakes and even snow during the winter season, it is a very common occurrence. It needs some quick action as well as damage control. In order to salvage the situation, there are a few things that you can do. Get it out of water quickly and turn it off if it is still on.  DO NOT TRY TO TURN IT BACK ON.  REMOVE THE BATTERY (Phones with easy battery access). The device should be put into absorbing towels and dried off.

A good technique to achieve that is to ward off the phone into a sealed plastic bag with silica packs.  Rice Works, but it is a common issue to further problems even though the RICE in a BAG Trick is all over the internet.  Rice has Fine dust, can get into places it shouldn’t, and can cause more problems.  If you have a Sealable bag, and any old medicine, vitamin, or silica packs (like the ones in new shoes, or other possible boxes you may have just got) put that in with the phone. You have to be very patient and not put in the battery to check the status of the phone as it can result in short-circuit.

Don’t heat up the battery, even when you are using a hair-dryer or alcohol. These standard methods are reserved for the outer mechanism only. In fact, investing in a new battery is recommended by most Repair experts. If the phone fell onto sea water or unclean water, it should be washed with distilled water before drying.

The next step would be to bring it in ASAP to Device Rehab in Coeur d’Alene.  From there we can dismantle your phone, diagnose the initial damage from the water, and then give you an idea of the repair methods.  Almost always, You should invest into a new battery.  If you are lucky, the original LCD will still work and may continue working for an extended period of time.

The most needed repair for water damage is to have us run your device through our Ultra Sonic Cleaner with a special solution that separates all water and minerals from your motherboard.

We have a High Success rate of Repairing phones for those that follow these instructions.

Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4 at – Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Many Samsung S4 users might want to unlock their phones in order to change carriers. This happens when they are either dissatisfied with the present one or might want to visit another country and use the local network.  This is not limited, but most commonly owners want to Network Unlock their device from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, amongst other smaller carriers. The first step is to contact you current carrier to see if they will do it for you. If they don’t agree, go to with the IMEI number of the device.

While putting in a new carrier SIM, you will be required to punch in the Unlock Code. If you don’t have the SIM handy, but want to be prepared beforehand, put the code on the dialer in this format: #7465625*638* (unlock code)# or #0111*(unlock code)#.

VISIT our ONLINE Unlocking Service at

Don’t put in wrong codes more than 10 times as that will get you stuck with the present carrier forever. Unlocking doesn’t guarantee that you can connect to a new service as that depends completely on which networks the phone is built to connect to. Use your model no. to determine which 2G, 3G and 4G LTE wireless band the phone can access and also if they use UMTS/HSPA/ EV-DO.